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A New Health Plan


exclusively for members of
Barbados Public Workers’ Co-operative Credit Union Limited.

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Capita Health Insurance, A better Health Plan, Life, Health, Critical Illness. Life & Critical Illness up to BDS $50,000. Apply Today! Capita Health Insurance, A better Health Plan, Life, Health, Critical Illness. Life & Critical Illness up to BDS $50,000. FAQs

Protect Yourself & Your Family

• Major Medical up to 1Million Dollars (including Dental, Vision & Psychiatric)

• Life & Critical Illness up to BDS $50,000 each

All for one low monthly premium!

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Low monthly premium!

  • Major Medical

Major illness can make you bankrupt. .. adequate cover is essential. Get up to BBD $1 Million in local and international coverage. Whether it is major surgery; hospitalization or diagnostic testing or your prescription drugs, we have you covered.


  • Critical Illness

Eleven (11) illnesses are covered. A benefit of BBD $50,000 is payable only on the first insured condition for which a diagnosis is made, provided the insured survives for a period of thirty (30) days after the occurrence and meets the definition. This benefit terminates at age 70.


  • Preventative Care

You and your spouse can receive your annual health checks and remain healthy and active. Up to BBD $500 is payable annually.


  • Term Insurance

Ease the burden on your loved ones and give yourself peace of mind. Term insurance ensures that your final expenses are taken care of. Your beneficiaries receive up to BBD $50,000 from your term insurance.


  • Optical

We give you a maximum of BBD $650 per annum to assist you in the annual care for your eyes.


  • Dental

To assist with your dental care, we give you a maximum of BBD $1,500 per annum.

Capita Health Insurance, A better Health Plan, Life, Health, Critical Illness. Life & Critical Illness up to BDS $50,000. Apply Today!
Capita Health Insurance, A better Health Plan, Life, Health, Critical Illness. Life & Critical Illness up to BDS $50,000. FAQs

FAQs and Answers

Eligibility and Coverage

  • Who is eligible for this plan?

    All members of BPWCCUL between the ages of 18 and 65 can enroll.

    Members have until 31 days from the commencement date of the plan to effect cover by completing the enrollment form. Thereafter medical evidence is required.

  • What does the plan cover?

    This plan covers Health and Major Medical up to a BDS$1.0 Million limit as well as Term Life and Critical Illness up to BDS $50,000 each.


    The Critical Illness cover is operative if the insured individual is diagnosed with one of eleven terminal ailments, the plan will pay to the member the limit to deal with immediate medical expenses.

    The terminal ailments include cancer, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, loss of speech, loss of sight/blindness, loss of hearing/deafness, coma, paralysis, major organ transplant and major burns.

  • Can my family be covered under the plan?

    Yes. Family can be covered under this plan.

    Family coverage includes spouses and dependent children under the age of 25.Be reminded that tertiary education forms are required for children between the ages of 21 and 25.

    These are the requisite changes and if there is a need for further information pertaining to the aforementioned please contact the undersigned.

  • Are there age restrictions?

    The age of enrollment is 18-65.

Enrollment and Maintenance

  • How do I join the plan?

    Signing up is easy. Simply complete the enrollment form and submit to a representative at Capita Financial Services Inc.

  • What documentation is required for sign-up?

    In addition to the completed enrollment form and a valid form of photo identification, medical evidence is required.

  • How do I make payments?

    Payments can be made from your account at the BPWCCUL.

  • What happens to my dependents and spouse in the event of my death?

    A maximum of $50,000 will be paid to the member's beneficiary in the event of Death.

  • What happens in the event that I am unable to continue to make payments?

    The coverage will no longer be in effect.

  • Who do I call if I have a question or an issue in relation to a claim or coverage?

    The contact persons are

    Ken Mullins 431-4645,
    Geraldine Roberts 431-4796,
    Hildred O’Garro 431-7317,
    Karen Cozier-Ellis 431-4762.

Making a Claim

  • What is the procedure for making a claim? Who do I submit the claim to, the Credit Union, Capita or ICBL?

    All claims should be submitted to Capita Insurance Brokers.

  • Am I required to complete a claim form every time I go to the Doctor?

    Yes. As long as you intend to make a claim a new claim form must be submitted each time.

  • How long will claims take to be processed?

    Claims will be processed within four weeks of submission.

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Contact: (246) 434-3245


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